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What is the KDCombat System?

Hello and welcome, I am Simon Staples, creator of the KDCombat System. KD Stands for Kihaku Dojo. Kihaku means "Spirit and Soul", a word which inspired me to name my first karate dojo.

With the benefit of over 35 years' Shotokan Karate experience, I began searching for a more realistic and practical approach to Shotokan Karate.

The KDCombat System is my interpretation of the way I think Shotokan Karate should be trained, taught and practised in order to adapt to any environment and real-life situation.

Through the years I developed an interest in other combat arts - boxing, wrestling, MMA and BJJ - and mixed these in with my training and teaching of Shotokan.

Eventually, Kihaku Dojo evolved to become KDCombat because I wanted to put the soul, spirit and fight back into Shotokan.

It has taken me 13 years to develop the KDComabat System because I believe Shotokan Karate to be a great martial art.

I decided to share my knowledge of the art in order to

  • Highlight the relevance and effectiveness of Shotokan techniques
  • Show practical applications and moves
  • Demonstrate that we can adapt and apply Shotokan to any environment, real-life situation or, maybe, against a different art.

The Strength of the KDCombat System is that it is not ruled by the belt-grading syllabus, neither is it a shortcut system. It is not governed by moves to learn or by ability - it is all about practicality and effectiveness.

Anyone who is thinking about starting, who is already training or teaching Shotokan, would be interested in the KDCombat System. Whether a beginner, club member, instructor or association head, my lessons will apply to all.

Why Become a Member?

KDCombat System has a lot to offer, selected modules and lessons are available to purchase individually. However, the best value by far is to become a member of the KDCombat System Community.

Following our successful launch, we are now offering Full Membership for only £15 per month.

As a Member you will have

  • Unlimited access to all training videos for the duration of your membership
  • New content filmed and uploaded continually

A lot of thought and preparation is put into every video in the KDCombat System and we will continue to plan, film and upload new content. I always knew I wanted to teach Shotokan in a certain way for the benefit and enhancement of my students.

Through the KDCombat System you will:

  • Build Confidence. From the first lesson you will acquire the skills to deal with threats outside the dojo
  • See Full Instruction and Demonstration: Each lesson has a feel of a one-to-one session.
  • Renew Your Passion: You will see your training through different eyes and revive your interest and enthusiasm
  • Have a Choice: Learn and train at your own pace and in your own time.
  • See the Results: With each lesson you will see your martial arts skills change from form to function.

Are you ready?

Renew your passion and enthusiasm for Shotokan Karate. Develop skills that deal with reality. Your attitude to shotokan training will change.

The Progressive Way to Train!

Your Instructor

Simon Staples
Simon Staples

Simon Staples, the creator of the KDCombat System, has been practising Shotokan Karate since 1981 and holds the rank of 6th Dan. He had the privilege of training at the Hoitsugan and Honbu dojos in Japan with the elite of the Shotokan world.

Simon had a successful competitive career, winning kumite and kata events which earned him the title of Grand Champion for several years in succession. After retiring from competition, he concentrated on his own training and refined his teaching methods.

Simon’s martial arts qualifications and experience range from successful national and international competitions, tournament refereeing and the co-founding and organising of one of the largest European tournaments – the Shobu Ippon Competition – between 2006 and 2010. He also helped produce English and world champions.

Simon continues to self-train, develop his own martial arts and teach in his KDCombat dojo.


Reviews and Testimonials

"The KDCombat system of applying Shotokan Karate is uniquely refreshing. It has a perfect balance of technical instruction along with a no frills practicality that would work not just in a self defense situation but also in a fight situation.

Having trained with Simon for many years he has influenced my personal Karate and the way I teach for my Association. His methodology has attracted many senior martial artists from different disciplines and proved to be able to help a martial artist transition between arts.

Using Shotokan as his base Simon is never afraid to test the KDCombat system and regularly puts himself on the line in training. This system works and I would recommend this as a tool to enhance your own training as well as give you ideas on how to approach your teaching”

Darren Jumnoodoo (6th Dan), Chief Instructor, TKMA

"Having trained with numerous top instructors of many styles both in this country and abroad, I consider Simon as both one of the most talented martial artists, and most effective instructors, I have had the privilege to train with.

He teaches a pragmatic, effective version of Shotokan Karate blended with the best of other styles, most notably BJJ, in a manner that sets him apart from virtually every other instructor I have encountered.

To me personally, and to many of my peers, Simon has been an inspirational mentor showing how to make a transition in your Karate training at a senior level.

This video website is a wonderful resource showing a glimpse into Simons approach to Karate and after watching I'm sure, like myself and many others, you will be challenged, entertained and inspired in equal measure. This video resource is a must for all serious Karateka who are wishing to make a transition in their Karate from a basic “making shapes” level to effective pragmatic training"

Adam Cockfield (5th Dan), Instructor, Kings Cross Shotokan Karate Club, SSKI

“I’ve been training with Simon since I was 12 years old. He has been my trainer, mentor and friend for a long time now. He has taught me 99% of what I know about the karate world.

I train with Simon every week. We do as much as we can - karate, stand-up striking, BJJ and wrestling – to make us well-rounded martial artists.

I feel very privileged to be asked to help with the KDCombat System to show Simon’s skill, his decades of training and dedication to Shotokan. I hope we can show everyone what we can do.”

Josh Driver (3rd Dan), Student and Friend

"After a long break from martial arts I went to a Shotokan class being instructed by Simon. As a relative beginner I was made to feel welcome, but at the same time, pushed hard to train at my own level.

Simons' way of teaching is inspiring and his depth of knowledge becomes apparent very quickly. The love, passion and respect he shows towards Shotokan Karate is obvious.

The development and application skills Simon has worked on over the past 13 years, together with a hunger to remain current is what makes the KDCombat System work.

I train every week now and although in later years I just love it.

Having previewed many of the tutorials available on an ever increasing library I'm sure there is something here for all levels of ability.

I've been inspired and I hope you will be"

James Gardner, Student

Courses Included with Membership

Application to Form Module 1
Knife-Hand Block and Front Push & Snap Kick - The Progressive Way to Train!
Simon Staples
Application to Form Module 2
Rising Block and Downward Block - The Progressive Way to Train!
Simon Staples
Application to Form Module 3
Stepping Punch and Side Thrust kick & Combo and Outside Block - The Progressive Way to Train!
Simon Staples
Application to Form Module 4
Roundhouse kick, Blocking Kicks, Inside Block and Head Movements - The Progressive Way to Train!
Simon Staples
Application to Form Module 5
Back Kick, Elbow Strikes, Knife-hand Strike and Ridge-hand Strike - The Progressive Way to Train!
Simon Staples
Application to Form Module 6
Hook Kick, Backfist Punch and Spear-hand Strike- The Progressive Way to Train!
Simon Staples
Kata Applications
Realistic Practical Application of Shotokan - More katas Coming Soon!
Simon Staples
Lesson Plan 1 - Generating Power from the Hips
Big hip motion from a stance that is small
Simon Staples
Lesson Plan 2 - Kicking Drills
Floor exercises to improve your kicks
Simon Staples
Lesson Plan 3 - Catching Kicks
A safer way to catch kicks and take an attacker down
Simon Staples
Lesson Plan 4 - Uchi Uki Escape
Using each element of the block to break away from a grab
Simon Staples
Lesson Plan 5 - Mae Geri Escape
Using the kick preparation to free yourself from a captured kick
Simon Staples
Lesson Plan 6 - Deai
Kicking an attacker as soon as he twitches
Simon Staples
Lesson Plan 7 - Self Preservation
Simplifying self-defense and finding effective targets
Simon Staples
KD Combat Drills and Fitness
Simon Staples
Fundamental Techniques
Basics Shotokan moves for your reference
Simon Staples
Kata Performance
Kihon to Tekki Shodan, Brown and Black belt Katas - more coming soon!
Simon Staples
Warm Ups and Stretches
Simon Staples
Open KDCombat System Course With Simon Staples - 11th March 2017
Shotokan Karate with the KDCombat system Twist!
Simon Staples


Frequently Asked Questions

When does my membership start and finish?
Your membership starts now. Your training is a completely self-paced - and is ongoing as long as you remain a member of the KDCombat System.
How long does my KDCombat System membership last?
How does lifetime membership sound? After becoming a member, you will have unlimited access to all training modules and future content for as long as you remain a member- across any and all devices you own.